Energy Work

Offered in 50 and 80 minute increments, Awaken Whole Life Center provides an abundance of Kansas City body healing treatments and energy work including:

  • Crystal Bowl Healing Session- The sound each Crystal Bowl emits is the very vibration of purity, and to experience them together is simply celestial. This is far more than just a collection of beautiful sounds!  Each bowl holds a very high frequency and as the sounds blend together and wash through you, impurities are cleansed from your energetic field and the frequency of your body is raised (particularly the immune system). Our bodies are intended to vibrate at a harmonious frequency, and through this experience you will be brought to a state of deep peace and inner balance.

Patrick Andries is a master of sound and vibration and incorporates the Crystal Bowls amongst his other sound healing tools.

Physical Benefits of Crystal Bowl Healing

- Stress Reduction and relaxation
- Enhanced energy levels
- Increased Immune System
- Relief from Depression and Anxiety
- Pain Reduction

  • 30 minutes:  $50
  • 45 minutes:  $65
  • 60 minutes:  $75
  • (Couples) 30 minutes:  $60
  • (Couples) 45 minutes:  $90
  • (Couples) 60 minutes:  $120


  • Sound and Vibrational Healing:  Incorporates soundand vibrational healing techniques including, didgeridoo tuning forks, vocal toning, crystals and Tibetan singing bowls, crystals, healing music, and Quantum Touch.
    • 50 minutes:  $75.00
    • 80 minutes:  $110.00
    • The above technique can be performed on our one-of-a-kind Crystal Quartz Table for an additional $20.00
  • Quantum Touch: Using the Prana healing technique, the practitioner transmits healing energy to the recipient. This technique bathes and blankets the area of the body needing energy. Effective on a physical, mental, and emotional levels.
    • 30 minutes:  $50.00
    • 50 minutes:  $75.00
    • 80 minutes:  $110.00
    • The above technique can be performed on our one-of-a-kind Crystal Quartz Table for an additional $20.00
  • Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T):  This technique incorporates light contact points to clear energy blockages and to restore natural, synchronized energy throughout the mind body system while it also helps to identify specific thoughts and feelings that may be contributing to energy blockages.
    • 30 minutes:  $50.00
    • 50 minutes:  $75.00
    • 80 minutes:  $110.00
    • The above technique can be performed on our one-of-a-kind Crystal Quartz Table for an additional $20.00
  • Intutive Breathing:  The Breath Coach works with each client to guide in prama/yama breathing techniques that help to fill the mind and body with natural, healing energies that intuitively flow where they are needed for healing in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.
    • 30 minutes:  $50.00
    • 50 minutes:  $75.00
    • 80 minutes:  $110.00
    • The above technique can be performed on our one-of-a-kind Crystal Quartz Table for an additional $20.00
  • Reiki:  A technique that transfers universal energy in the form of QI through the palms, allowing for self-healing and a state of equilibrium. Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki are practiced by our energy healers.
    • 50 minutes:  $75.00
    • 80 minutes:  $110.00
    • The above technique can be performed on our one-of-a-kind Crystal Quartz Table for an additional $20.00



About your Energy Healers:


Patrick Andries
has a degree in physics and biology from DePaul University and a certificate of advanced teaching in metaphysics from the College of Metaphysics. He has over twenty years of experience in the practice and instruction of energy healing and mind-body dynamics.

In 2002, Patrick began his Intuitive Health coaching practice where he began working with clients to help them understand mind-body health and provide healing support through Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), Quantum Touch and Intuitive Breathing. Patrick is certified in B.E.S.T. from Morter Health Systems where he studied with Dr. Sue Morter, daughter of creator Ted Morter.

He is certified in Quantum Touch through Quantum Touch International where he studied with Richard Gordon, author of Quantum Touch. He also studied Intuitive Breathing with Leonard Orr and Sandra Ray who pioneer Intuitive Breathing in the United States. Additionally, Patrick has developed an expertise in sound vibrational healing through his extensive background as a musician, tai chi practitioner and energy healer.


Awaken staff member, Grace Lindsay, has been practicing Reiki for 14 years, with hands-on experience in private sessions as well as public Reiki healing circles.

A Reiki Practitioner since 1999, she received Usui Reiki Master certification in 2003, and Karuna Reiki Master certification in 2013. Grace combines the traditional training of Usui Reiki with the compassionate energy of Karuna Reiki to provide a powerful yet relaxing Reiki session which can be felt on many levels.

It is Grace’s passion to offer holistic healing services to Awaken clients, and she invites you to experience a Reiki session first-hand.









The staff were all so happy, helpful, just perfect! The grounds and general feel of the place was WONDERFUL!!!   It was relaxing, restful, healing - just what I needed.

Pat Leavell - Retreat Participant

"Reverend Carla McClellan is a very talented life coach, she is an intuitive and insightful person that clearly seeks to use her coaching skills to benefit her clients."

Aaron A.

It was an absolutely perfect experience.  She did a masterful job.  She has a wonderful touch.  The brow experience was also perfection.

Martha - HydraFacial with Khloe Morgan

We look forward to visting Unity Village again next year and visitng Awaken Whole Life Center - a beautiful place to "feel good"

Mary Jo -Retreat Guest

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