Awaken Whole Life Center: Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit

Mission:  Awaken Whole Life Center inspires you to discover the healing energy within and empowers you to make healthy choices which nurture body, mind and spirit.

Vision:  We are a globally recognized healing destination providing integrative care and transformational experiences.


The staff were all so happy, helpful, just perfect! The grounds and general feel of the place was WONDERFUL!!!   It was relaxing, restful, healing - just what I needed.

Pat Leavell - Retreat Participant

"Reverend Carla McClellan is a very talented life coach, she is an intuitive and insightful person that clearly seeks to use her coaching skills to benefit her clients."

Aaron A.

It was an absolutely perfect experience.  She did a masterful job.  She has a wonderful touch.  The brow experience was also perfection.

Martha - HydraFacial with Khloe Morgan

We look forward to visting Unity Village again next year and visitng Awaken Whole Life Center - a beautiful place to "feel good"

Mary Jo -Retreat Guest

Dr. Edward Tick & Kate Dahlstedt
Soldier’s Heart creates healing intensives that include veterans (male and female), family members, helping professionals, clergy, students and other interested community members.
Due to the generosity of Ms. Gwen Weiner and The Eos Foundation Trust, up to 30 scholarships will be awarded for this retreat. Scholarship applications will be accepted November 10, 2015 through January 15, 2016.


Anita Bailey, Presenter
Coming in 2016
Rediscover the heart of feminine energy.


Jackie Woodside, Presenter
Coming in 2016

Far too many people in contemporary culture feel they don't have enough time to "get it all done." The stress of this chronic overwhelm creates a disorganized mind that leads to a chaotic life. This weekend retreat is based on Jackie Woodside's highly acclaimed workshops and drawn from over 25 years of counseling and coaching experience. In this exceptionally practical and rejuvenating retreat, Jackie Woodside shares her breakthrough methods that lead to becoming the least stressed, most productive person you know!


Dr. Terri Orbuch
Coming 2016

This weekend retreat will provide you with new insights and skills for happy relationships when it comes to love, sex, and talking money. Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one, this retreat is for you, because we all need to explore and confront our own inner meanings about these topics.


Grace Duckworth, Presenter
Coming in 2016